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Our Vision

To see every person, from birth and through all stages, thriving and engaging in life at their most optimal.

Our Purpose

To work with people toward their health/performance goals and make it possible for them to be the best they can be, as quickly as possible, for as long as possible by allowing the body to function optimally.


Dr. Susan Caruso

Dr. Susan Caruso graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1982 in the USA. She opened a private clinic and practiced for 8 years before emigrating to New Zealand in 1990. She has never ceased studying the Gonstead System of Chiropractic and was named a Fellow in 1994. She has been teaching chiropractic in both New Zealand and Australia since that time while continuing in private practice in the Far North, now, for over 30 years.

Dr. Caruso’s passion and purpose is to help individuals achieve maximum health by facilitating the natural healing of the body through adjustments to the nervous system and educating people about lifestyle change through nutrition and exercise. She practices the Gonstead System which is a complete approach incorporating neurology, biomechanics and X-rays, when necessary.


Dr. Caruso has over 40 years of clinical experience with many different types of conditions and health problems, and welcomes all ages and stages.

Despite being trained in several techniques, Dr. Caruso has chosen to utilise only the Gonstead System as it best suits their pursuit for excellence, specificity and results when taking care of people. She has attended several specialised seminars and conferences each year so that she can provide patients always with the best care. Dr Caruso has also been selected as a Fellow in the Gonstead technique which is an honour and allows her the privilege of teaching the technique world wide.

Our Chiropractor

The Gonstead System of Chiropractic 


The Gonstead System is a specific and effective method of chiropractic. It is used to analyse and adjust the spine when necessary, removing interference that is impacting the clarity and efficiency of the nervous system. It is a gentle and safe technique, suited to everyone from infants to the elderly.

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